Sunday, 21 February 2010

Things I like

Sometimes, when you think life is going well, or at least in the direction you intended, it can be difficult to learn about people like Andrzej Dragan. An awarding winning musician, photographer and quantumn physicist, his talents seem innumarable and worse still, he's only two years older than myself. Bastard.
Petty jealousy aside, you should really check out some of his work at if only for the artistic impressions of an aging Adolf Hitler, Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee.


Jean Pierre Jeunut's new film MicMacs is due for release in the UK around the end of february. The French director who brought us the City of The Lost Children, Delicatessen and the sublime Amelie returns with an anti-war satire which, as usual combines beautiful cinematography with intriguing characters and dark, leftfield comedy. We can only hope they don't decide to dub it in english for the big screen. Check out the trailer here


I Like Smoking. If you have a problem with that then fuck off. If you also smoke then m aybe you should buy some of these just to piss people off even more.

And then blow a large blue cloud into their healthy, self righteous faces.


If i was a millionaire, this is what i would do all the time. A place for music, photography, artwork and anything we like from my good friends and myself. Expect all things leftfield and interesting and be sure to watch the Vice guide on Liberia, harrowing stuff.

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